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French Exhale | 4 pack

lemon / lavender / valerian root / broad-spectrum hemp

4 pack of 12 oz. cans

Natural ingredients for better spirits.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-Spectrum CBD

We hate waiting the hour it takes for most hemp-derived CBD to kick in, so we found a fast-acting alternative that hits in about 15 minutes.

Valerian Root

Valerian Root

Traditionally used as a natural sleep aid, this ancient supplement has a powerful mellowing effect when paired with hemp, B12 vitamins, and/or caffeine.



Well-known for its color and aroma, the lavender flower has been used in medicinal teas and aromatherapy for centuries for its calming effect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Allison (Phoenix, AZ)
Delightful + Soothing

I tried French Exhale at a local event and couldn't get over how much I loved it! It's refreshing and light, relaxing and comforting. I was soo impressed with the taste and how I felt while /after drinking that I ordered two of the 4 packs just for me. Also the stickers in the package were so sweet! Love French Exhale + can't wait to order more. Def recommend! + my fav way so far to consume it is in the can w a coozie! 10/10

Cara Sutherlan (Visalia, CA)
Nice floral beverage

This was my second favorite from the sampler pack. If you like floral beverages, this is worth trying. This one had the most subtle buzz of the three flavors, but that makes sense given it’s meant to induce a calming effect. Would buy again!

Kate M (Austin, TX)
The best NA beverage I have had!!

The taste is amazing and I feel relaxed within seconds. I love having these during the week after work or taking them to a party to share. Obsessed!

Reilly Purl (Austin, TX)

The French Exhale | 4 pack

AJ (St Louis, MO)
It's SO good.

I ordered a pack of each flavor, and this is by far my favorite out of the three. I'll definitely reorder it!

Still curious?

How should I expect to feel after consuming a Good Spirits cocktail?

Not to be cheesy, but the way our culture talks about alcohol doesn't really capture the experience of drinking our non-alcoholic bevies. We like to describe it as subtle and pronounced, calming and energetic, indulgent and regret-free.

What about the hemp distillate makes it fast-acting?

Standard full-spectrum hemp distillates use oil to extract cannabinoids from hemp to produce a lipid-soluble substance that can be processed by your digestive system within 45 minutes to 1 hour. Our broad-spectrum distillate uses reverse distillation to capture the smaller, water-soluble cannabinoid molecules that are absorbed in 15 minutes like that first drink at happy hour.

Can I drink Good Spirits while pregnant or nursing?

People who are pregnant or nursing should consult their physician before consumption. Active ingredients to discuss include hemp distillate, valerian root, B12 vitamins, cascara, and caffeine.