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Introducing Good Spirits

Made to feel good.

Good Spirits is a non-alcoholic, mood-enhancing cocktail made to enjoy anytime. We craft each beverage with your best self in mind, using natural ingredients with real mood-elevating benefits and no regrets.

You’re already a good time. Enjoy.

What makes it good?

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Our cocktails are made with no artificial flavors or sweeteners and no preservatives. It's funny how good things taste when you don't add any funny ingredients.

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We juice fresh citrus and muddle the rinds with cane sugar to create 'oleo-saccharum,' an old-fashioned elixir that gives our drinks a delicious taste with a little bite.

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We use calming adaptogens like valerian root and lavender, natural stimulants like coffee, black tea, and B12, along with hemp for a balanced, one-of-a-kind feeling.

We want to change how people feel about "Not Drinking."

We aren't anti-alcohol. We’re pro-alternatives.

“Not Drinking” should never be a reason to stop gathering with friends, celebrating achievements, enjoying a great meal, or relaxing on the porch. We want to give more people the opportunity to have a good time on their own terms.

Any questions?

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How should I expect to feel after consuming a Good Spirits cocktail?

Not to be cheesy, but the way our culture talks about alcohol doesn't really capture the experience of drinking our non-alcoholic bevies. We like to describe it as subtle and pronounced, calming and energetic, indulgent and regret-free.

What about the hemp distillate makes it fast-acting?

Standard full-spectrum hemp distillates use oil to extract cannabinoids from hemp to produce a lipid-soluble substance that can be processed by your digestive system within 45 minutes to 1 hour. Our broad-spectrum hemp uses reverse distillation to capture the smaller, water-soluble cannabinoid molecules that are absorbed in 15 minutes—so it hits like that first drink at happy hour.

What are the active ingredients in Good Spirits?

We use a proprietary blend of adaptogens and cannabinoids to create a mood-enhancing effect. Each of our non-alcoholic cocktails is crafted to promote a different vibe harnessing the adaptogenic properties of valerian root, vitamin B12, and caffeine, along with a fast-acting CBD distillate. Valerian root is a naturally occurring plant that creates a long-lasting, calming effect. Vitamin B12, otherwise known as cobalamin, is a naturally occurring vitamin involved in metabolism that boosts energy. Caffeine is a natural stimulant.