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About Us

So, here's the story.

We're five people who love to get together socially and have fun in Austin, Texas, and Brooklyn, New York.

Our get-togethers often include alcohol: Wine at dinner, shots at the bar, and beers in the backyard. For us and many others, alcohol is the catalyst and fuel for feeling social, and it's a lot of fun—most of the time. 

We've all sent those embarrassingly regrettable "I still love you" texts late at night or lost an entire weekend to boozy brunches. 

Beyond the hangovers, we've also watched some of the people closest to us grapple with life-altering addiction. We've lost people we love.

After our CEO and founder lost a close friend in an alcohol-related accident in the fall of 2020, he set out to create a beverage that could serve as an alcohol alternative in social settings. As a former bar manager of upscale establishments and general cocktail enthusiast, he started making these beverages in small batches for himself and his friends. 

He quickly found that people loved his concoctions and had also been searching for something just like them for those times when they were "Not Drinking." 

It wasn't long before everyone started asking to buy them, and he realized he was on to something. So, he brought the five of us together to enter the world of modern, adaptogenic, non-alcoholic beverages. 

After more than a year of research and development, we created Good Spirits: Three delicious, mood-elevating alternatives to alcohol, specifically designed to be enjoyed like alcoholic beverages and to enhance social occasions.

Old world meets new.

Good Spirits cocktails use a proprietary blend of safe, legal, and non-addictive substances derived from natural sources: Valerian root, B vitamins, coffee fruit, caffeine, and a fast-acting hemp distillate. Our blend of these ingredients produces a delightful, vibe-enhancing feeling for those who wish to partake without regret.

But trying new things can be challenging, and everyone has their go-to drink. 

So, we combined our blend of ingredients and expertise in craft cocktail-making with some of our favorite classic cocktail recipes to create something new yet familiar.

Many of the recipes for these cocktail hour favorites are rooted in 'oleo-saccharum,' a process popularized in the late 18th century. Because the quality of spirits the average person in the 1700s could get their hands on was dubious at best, the English created a way to make those concoctions more palatable. 

The process of oleo-saccharum involves juicing citrus and coating the rinds in sugar for up to 24 hours. The rinds are then muddled with juice, producing a delicious, punch-like base to cover those less-than-desirable flavors.

Unfortunately, adaptogens and hemp distillates share this same quality of being highly effective but not tasting all that great. 

We discovered that this centuries-old technique was the secret to creating a truly delicious adaptogenic cocktail with fast-acting hemp distillate and celebrates a perfect marriage of the old world and new.

guy with pallet

We want to change the way people feel about "Not Drinking."

We aren't anti-alcohol. We're pro-alternatives. 

Our ethos is to meet people where they are without any judgment. Relationships with substances are highly personal and fraught with circumstances that somehow feel inside and outside our control. 

Our mission is to provide people with alternatives that allow them to confidently decide how they want to elevate their mood for any social situation using adaptogens and hemp.

However you got here, we're glad to have you and are excited to share these good flavors and feelings.

Cheers, Good Spirits.